• Hanko-illustration

    Display at
    2019 Ginza Holiday!


    the Midwest Buddhist Temple, Chicago


    We bring to Chicago the beautiful scenery of Tohoku created by Hanko-illustration, as well as photos of an NPO activity to protect the local natural environment.

    Twelve framed pieces of Hanko-illustration will be displayed along with photos and a video of tree-planting ceremonies by the NPO "The Sea is Longing for the Forest (Mori wa Umi no Koibito)."


    Note: Sale of goods will be donated to funds for growing Tohoku’s natural environment.

  • Hanko Illustration of beautiful Tohoku

    Miharu Shirahata

    eraser stamp illustrator

    12 illustrations of beautiful Tohoku's four seasons. Come meet the sea, the woods and the animals who reside in them.

  • My landscape illustrations are made by using many erasers which I carve to make into a stamp. I then use many of these stamps to make a collage of prints. The process of making each stamp makes me realize that nature consists of many small parts – small animals or plants, as well as large parts such as the sky or ocean.


    I hope that seeing my art, the landscape that people in my hometown and I adore, will provide an opportunity for people to think back about their own hometowns and memories; something that’s irreplaceable.

  • Photo Exhibition

    Growing Forests to Protect the Marine Environment

    Photo Exhibition of the Tree-Planting Ceremony by the NPO “The Sea is Longing for the Forest”

    This forest-growing activity began in 1989 with a call from fishermen to protect the marine environment. The displayed photos retrace the footsteps of the connection between the people of the mountain and people of the sea, and of those who supported them.


    NPO Mori wa Umi no Koibito

    “Mori wa Umi no Koibito(The Sea is Longing for the Forest)” is a non profit organizations that work predominately in three major sectors- forest building, Enviromental education, environmental conservation project.



    photo: Kiyotaka Shishido, Shigeyasu Fujino, etc

  • For sale

    Picture books and framed artworks